Mar 23, 2010

Washington wouldn't listen...

So start small, start local. If you oppose this trillion-dollar fiasco, and the backroom dirty-pool shenanigans that were used to get it passed, then contact your state-level representatives. Here in New York that'd be your State Senator and Assemblyman. Even if they support health care reform, make your voice heard. Emails are free, phone calls are cheap, stamps are inexpensive.

I emailed my State Senator (George Winner, R-53rd) on Monday with the following:

Mr. Winner;

Washington chose not to listen to the American people and passed health
care reform. Maybe they'll listen to another elected representative. Please, do anything you can to pass along the message that the people DO NOT support
the health care reform bill. Speak to our State Attorney General regarding a
lawsuit to stop the bill - they are already in the works in many other

This bill has condemned current and future generations to debt and dole... it can not be allowed to continue!

I received a reply this morning. It is likely a form letter, but doesn't reek of "didn't even read your email" like the form letter I got from two-buck-Chuck... in any case:

Dear Mr. ZerCool:

Thank you for your recent e-mail concerning the new Federal Health Care
Reform Bill. I appreciate that you took the time to share your concerns
with me.

Please know that I wholeheartedly share your concern and I agree that New
York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo should join the 37 states that
have files suits against the United States Government. In January, New York
State Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos wrote a letter to Governor
Paterson and Attorney General Cuomo urging them to join other states in any
legal challenge to a health care plan that could add to New York’s
horrendous tax burden and growing fiscal problems. I certainly stand behind
Senator Skelos’ statement and hope that both Governor Paterson and Attorney
General Cuomo heed his advice.

Thank you again for contacting me.


Senator George H. Winner, Jr.
53rd District

All is not lost, and he is clearly aware of the issue. I'll be making donations and volunteering where possible this year.

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