Apr 21, 2010

BAG Day, Round 2

Actually, this was a trade, not a purchase, but it's still a new-to-me acquisition!

UPS tracking info got all FUBARed - it had actually been delivered to my FFL on 4/14, but he didn't open packages until late that night and I was out of town for the weekend. I picked it up Monday. Traded away my S&W 647, which is a sweet little rimfire for small game hunting, but I decided it wasn't quite my cup of tea.

So, without further ado, BAG Day #2!

dragoon 001

dragoon 005

dragoon 009

dragoon 011

It's an Interarms Virginian Dragoon, 7.5" barrel, in .44Mag. Beautiful single-action with one of the nicest triggers I've ever felt on a wheelgun. No kidding, this has a cleaner break than any S&W I've shot in SA, and perhaps two or two and a half pounds.

It's a three-digit serial, so dates to the mid-70s. On the butt it's engraved "Sic Semper Tyrannis" - the Virginia state motto, which translates to, "Thus always to tyrants". Words to live by...

Range report later this week, I expect. Any pet .44Mag loads out there?


Julie said...


Bob S. said...

Very nice....if you ever get tired of it, I can promise it a good home

:) Like that will ever happen.

ZerCool said...

Bob, I'll keep it in mind - it may not be likely but certainly not outside the realm of possibility. More than one nice piece has moved through my collection over the years when I decided it wasn't quite what I wanted... and this is my first single-action-only wheelie. Anything could happen...

... but don't hold your breath. :-)

doubletrouble said...

My first centerfire handgun was a S&W 29, bought back in '74.

I have quite a few 44's now, but my favorite shootin'/plinkin' load is 8 gr. of Unique under a 250 gr LSWC.
Meek as hell in the big gun, & easy on the brass.

To go whole hog, I use 22 gr. of 2400 under a Hornady 250 gr. XTP. That's a hot load (Keith's loading), & I only use it in my carbine or the Ruger Blackhawk.

Have fun...