Apr 13, 2010

We know what's best for you

It seems the more I catch of political nonsense in this state, the higher my blood pressure goes.

Thanks to MassBackwards I saw this bill in the NY Assembly ... banning high fructose corn syrup.

I'm sick and tired of this shit, and sent the following to my Assemblyman:

Mr. O'Mara:

I just read a brief news article on Assembly bill A10574, introduced by Assemblywoman Barbara Clark (Queens), that intends to ban High Fructose Corn Syrup, of all things.

While I realize this bill was not introduced by you, I find it to be representative of the circus my tax dollars are paying for in Albany. Last month it was Mr. Ortiz and salt, this month Ms. Clark and corn syrup. You are ALL employed by our state's citizens to work FOR US. We didn't hire you as our babysitters or caretakers. We are one of the most highly-taxed populations in the country, with some of the largest issues with infrastructure and social problems. Businesses and productive employees are fleeing the state in record numbers. The state is now operating on an emergency spending plan due to political infighting and chicanery.

We, the people, are SICK of this. We hired you to provide us with infrastructure and the basics of society. Not innumerable social welfare programs, not inane make-work "stimulus" packages, and not feel-good legislations for the media. You cannot stimulate our economy by taxing us more, and you can not legislate health!

My wife and I bought our first home here in New York, after growing up in the Fingerlakes region. I'm beginning to strongly regret that decision, as I see more and more of my freedoms eroded and legislated away. Ask yourself and your colleagues this: when all the motivated and productive members of society have moved to greener pastures, who is going to pay for these social juggernauts you've created?

Aside from this mess, I'd love to see you - personally - sponsor a bill that repeals the "Assault Weapons" ban and the CoBIS program.

I look forward to your reply.

sick of this state

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