Apr 20, 2010

Gun laws

Over at Stuck In MA, JayG writes a post about gun laws on his adventure south.

He is promptly corrected (in comments) on aspects of gun law in every state mentioned.

I've met JayG. He's not a dumb man. Seems to be relatively well-spoken, articulate and reasonable. Using him, a pro-gun person if I ever saw one, as an example:

If a reasonable man cannot correctly determine the legalities of transporting his firearm(s) from one state to another, there is something inherently wrong with the legal arrangement.

Jay was smart enough to check the laws before driving and still missed a few. If Bob the Electrician (related to Joe the Plumber, but votes conservative) is heading out for vacation and tosses (or forgets that) his heater in the truck, he's well on his way to some expensive lawyer bills.

This patchwork of laws needs to get smoothed out and corrected, and states need to understand and adhere to the Firearm Owners Protection Act.

(BTW, Jay, I hope you made sure there wasn't a single solitary round of hollowpoint ammo in the G-mobile... that'll get you some extra attention in NJ.)

Look for a new post this evening with BAG Day Item 2!

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