Apr 24, 2010

Range Report

Took the new pistols to the range this afternoon with MrsZ. Not a long trip, but enough to play.

I had a box of cowboy loads (240gr, 750fps) for the Dragoon, so I loaded that up and let fly at ten yards or so. Three inches left and perfect elevation. Checked my .44Spl Keith loads - also left, also perfect elevation, with a much sharper bark. A half-turn of the windage screw and it seems to be dead-on.

I gave MrsZ the first crack with the 5946. She is a very deliberate shooter, takes her time with every shot, and makes them count. It took nearly 90 seconds for her to empty the 15-round magazine (including the interruption after ten rounds for her to ask why it hadn't locked back yet)... but when we went to look at the target, it's obviously working for her. A ten-yard group on poor Zombie Steve that was about 6" diameter and mostly head shots:


I popped in a magazine and did a rapid-fire group at my target ... and I'm ashamed to say, hit in the black ONE of fifteen rounds. I switched to a clean target and found that, for me, I'm hitting way low and a hair left. (Conversation with the Conspirators today leads me to believe this is likely a shooter issue, not a gun issue. Further testing is indicated. How terrible!)

For the record, I did try the plates with the 5946, and made 4 out 15 hits on the 150-yard 12" plate. Go figure.

I'd brought along the AR and reached for the 200- and 250-yd steel, but decided to try off-hand instead of from a rest. 7/10 on the 200 and 4/10 on 250, off-hand irons. I'm content with that kind of result.

Played with the 795 a bit; that continues to be a fun little plinker.

DaddyBear: per earlier conversation, magazines for the 795. I have not ordered so can't comment on service/shipping, but that's the best price going.

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