Nov 16, 2012

Feel-good story

After the downer this morning, this seemed like a good story to share. I'll admit, I read the opening line, "Wanda Butts lost her teenage son in a drowning accident six years ago, and ever since then she has been working to change a troubling statistic," and expected someone who has pushed for new laws, regulations, pool sensors, etc. But, no:

Since 2007, Butts and her nonprofit, the Josh Project, have helped nearly 1,200 children -- most of them minorities -- learn how to swim. [...] Swimming and water safety education are basic life skills that all should know.
Not blaming the pool, or a lifeguard, or technology. Simple fact: Water is around us, everyone should know how to deal with it.

Doing it right.

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Old NFO said...

That IS a good one! Thanks!