Nov 24, 2012

Live Crowds

I'm not much of a social person. As a general rule, crowds make me a little jittery. Corresponding to this, I haven't been to a whole lot of big concerts.
- NSync, Meredith Brooks, and Jimmy Ray, 1998, St. Louis MO
- "Face2Face" (Billy Joel & Elton John) in 2001, Syracuse NY
- "Last Play at Shea" (Billy Joel) in 2008, NYC NY
- Keith Urban at the NYS Fair, 2012
- LoneStar, Deer Valley UT, 2012 (and that was a small crowd for a private show)

Why am I remembering this? Because Borepatch went and posted a video of Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett's "Five O'Clock Somewhere". The video includes footage of the crowd, which is one-hundred-percent INTO the show.

Crowds with energy like that can be a whole lot of fun. They still make me a little jittery, but they sure can be fun.

Shea Stadium was like that. Our group had floor seats thanks to the guy who invited me. Turning around and seeing 80,000 people singing along with Billy (and an all-star guest list) is just... magic.

(The link for the Shea concert, btw, goes to a YouTube video of the entire concert.)


cybrus said...

You got that right! I've been to a few Buffett concerts and it truly is amazing!

Thanks for posting that link to Joel's Shea concert - hadn't seen that before

Old NFO said...

Meh, not any more for me either... Last concert I saw in person was Buffett at the Shoreline Amphitheater in 1991. We sat behind the stage the entire time since we'd snuck in, as we had keys to the airfield perimeter (which backs on the Amphitheater!

mhaithaca said...

I'm not sure why I have such mixed reactions to crowds. People moving chairs around at Bound for Glory so the aisle's blocked make me want to flee, but being in the middle of a crushing throng of drunk kids at Pixel can be invigorating. Must be the difference in the energy, kinda like that night at Shea.