Nov 8, 2012

Winter stuff

Winter has (mostly) arrived here in the Northeast, so I figured I'd punch a few of the seasonal buttons:
- Have you changed batteries in your smoke and CO alarms?
- Have you checked and re-inflated your tires? (Mine were 5psi low all the way around with the temperature drop.)
- Have you shut off and drained your outside taps?
- If you use a solid-fuel appliance, have you had the chimney or vent cleaned and inspected?
- Is your car kit up to date?

Enjoy the weather!


Old NFO said...

Did the tires, did the batteries (I change me with the time change), forgot to update the car kit, thanks!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Mostly Done. Car Kit gets done this weekend, when all the Vehicles are in the Driveway with Daylight available.