Nov 20, 2013

Deal Alert

Bug-out starter kit on woot! today

The bag is solid. I have two of them that I picked up a couple months ago. It's a re-badged Kelty, and by itself is worth every penny of $50.

The knife is a Gerber. They make a great knife for their price point.

Sigg water bottle. Need I say more?

The rest is just niceties and a bit of gimmicking, but it's unquestionably a starting point. I'll be putting up a post of what's in my get-home bag here shortly.


Erin Palette said...

It's all right for people without any kind of Get Home Bag, but the one I've put together over the years kicks the balls out of that one.

ZerCool said...

Hence the "it's a starting point" in the closing paragraph. ;-)

Old NFO said...

Yep, 'something' is better than the nothing that most have...