Nov 20, 2013


Under $20/ozt again. 


Wally said...

Your thoughts- buy more or lick your wounds, and why?

ZerCool said...

If you have the disposable income - even a spare $20 - I'd buy more. I'm in silver for the long haul, and it continues to make great trade fodder for me. I turned five ounces of generic bullion into a 91/30 over the summer, and would do that again in a heartbeat.

I'm not in silver for short-term profits, only as a long-term hedge. I've flipped some here and there for a small profit to get other things I was looking for, but in general I'm trying to grow the pile. Cost-averaging is the name of the game.

If you're only buying an ounce or two, Silvertowne(.com) is the place to go since they usually offer free shipping on their house branded bars and rounds. A larger order; I'd price check against Apmex or Provident and save per-ounce at the cost of slightly higher shipping.

(A 5ozt Silvertowne bar is currently $110 shipped; an APMEX 5ozt is $116 plus shipping. In THAT case, Silvertowne all the way.)

Honestly, if you've got a spare c-note, a 5oz bar is a tough investment to beat. I suspect the days of $8 silver are long LONG gone... but if they come back, I'll be backing up the tactical wheelbarrow.