Nov 17, 2013

ham status

With "life" happening around me (and a boatload of overtime) I've not had much time for radio stuff lately. When I had the short-notice trip home, I stripped all the valuables out of the truck, including the radio gear.

It hasn't gone back in yet.

On the plus side, I've got the 120-12V power supply in hand and it works beautifully, and I've just ordered a small Rigrunner power block to make this stuff easier to connect and disconnect.

I've installed EchoLink on my laptop; still sorting out the networking stuff necessary to use that at home.

I also sent in an application for a vanity callsign.

Overtime should be drying up shortly, so I hope I'll get in on some nets and rag chews soon.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

OT is good up to a point... Glad things are coming together!