Mar 30, 2010

Got a brick handy?

It's not a window.

This story sent my blood pressure right into the stratosphere.

You have the right to say anything you want. The government can't stop you. The big dude wearing a leather jacket? The one with a tattoo that says "Guns don't kill people, I do"? That guy doesn't care about your first amendment right - except that it's probably even odds he swore an oath to defend that right and has seen blood spilled for it.

You want to say stuff about his brothers- and sons-in-arms? Expect to answer up.

If I can find contact information, I'll be dropping a few bucks in the mail to Mr. Snyder, along with a note of thanks - thanks for his son, who he raised the right way, and thanks for taking a stand against these hate-mongering bigots.

Edit 3:40pm: Uncle also posted this up, but he found the link to make a donation online. (It also has an address for snailmail donations.) Even a few bucks helps.

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