Dec 10, 2010

Doe. (A deer!)

MrsZ's shiny new CR-V is going to be getting an even shinier-new front end.

Squared off with a doe at 55mph last night.

The deer didn't walk away, the CR-V didn't drive away... I don't know who wins that round.

Pictures forthcoming once I get down to the wrecker yard and remove a few more things from the car.


Edit to add pictures:



By my count: hood, grill, bumper cover, d/s fender, d/s wheel well, two headlight assemblies, radiator, fan, battery, battery mount, and a couple reservoirs all have to be replaced. There is some scuffing down the driver's side where the deer tumbled, and the driver's door grates on the fender when opening. Paint work (or at least clearcoat) all the way down the side, probably.

This ain't gonna be pretty, but State Farm gets to cover the VAST majority of it.

Also, for those of you who have Traveler's insurance, consider changing. While I was at the shop some guy in a Traveler's jacket was there to do an estimate on another car; he asked who the insurer was on the CR-V. I told him, and asked why. "Because I don't want to look at the damn thing."

After he left the office the guy working there said, "That's the first time I've ever met that guy, and I want to wrap a chair around his neck. What a dick!"


doubletrouble said...

D'ja get to keep her (the doe, not the wife)?

wv: unionati:- isn't that what SEIU are?

ZerCool said...

DT - when I got there (half an hour after it happened, give or take) the deputy had already had their dispatch call someone on the "I need deer for my family" list. I eyeballed the deer briefly, since we'd have preference still. She was dead, had a swollen abdomen, and leaking blood from the mouth and nose, suggesting that the guts were probably punctured too.

At most I'd have gotten a couple backstraps and then had a very ripe carcass to figure out what to do with. Not worth it to me, particularly if there's someone else who needs it more.

elmo iscariot said...

Goddamn megarats.

I lived in a level-4 deerpocalypse zone* for over a decade without incident, and have managed to hit the monsters twice while driving through Pennsylvania and Virginia. They're _everywhere_.

[* - Rural enough to support about a billion deer, and New Jersey enough that there was very little hunting.]

Julie said...

nasty .. hope the mrs is okay and that the car gets fixed without too much hassle