Dec 13, 2010

Group Hunt?

As hunting season starts winding down, I'm already thinking about next year.

Seeing the posts from TooOld and Ambulance Driver about their hunt with Alan, MattG, and Vine has me toying with the idea of a small group hunt for a few of the #GBC'ers.

I have free access to about 250 acres of private land that is a mix of fields, woods, and a bit of swampy bottom stuff. There are BIG deer in there. (The doe I got last year had - no shit - two INCHES of back fat. And marbling. I've never before seen a deer with marbled meat.)

So, at least initially, I'm looking to gauge interest. I'm thinking four to six people total, and hunting newbies would be welcome, for two or three days of hunting during the regular season (late November/early December) 2011.

Costs would be lodging (inexpensive motels are readily available), meals, travel, and licenses.

So ... pipe up. Is this something I should try to plan?


Julie said...

ooh sounds fun .. maybe in a couple of years i'll be able to join in :)

cybrus said...

If you're serious about newbie hunters, I'd be interested. I'm about as noob as they come!

If you are going to do this, can you give me an idea on what sort of distance we'd be hunting over? And, if you have a good link to the gun laws in that area, I'd appreciate it - save me having to google and guess!

This would give me a good reason to finally get that 336 I've been jonesing for

ZerCool said...

Cybrus - I am absolutely serious about new hunters. One of my major pet peeves in hunting is the cliquishness that pervades it. Hunting is a dwindling sport, and if people don't fix their recto-cranial inversions and get some new blood in the field, it'll get even less common over our lifetimes.

You'd need to take a hunter education class - and all 50 states (I believe) recognize the certificates from other states.

Distance: walking could be in excess of two to three miles per day over moderate terrain. Most shots will be under 100 yards. There are occasionally longer shots presented, but those are limited by your equipment...

Gun laws, short form:
- clone of the federal AWB is still in effect. No high-cap magazines, only one evil feature on autos, etc.
- out-of-state pistols are strictly verboten.

DEC adds their own set of laws. Magazine capacity is limited to five (plus one), no lights or lasers, and there are restrictions on "implement" depending on where you hunt. This spot (about an hour south of Rochester) restricts you to shotguns (20ga or larger), muzzleloaders, bow, and pistol (see note above about pistols).

So ... the 336 is out. Sorry. :-( I have a few possible loaners (shotguns) if someone reallllly wants to come but either doesn't have an appropriate gun or is flying and doesn't want to deal with it.

cybrus said...

Roger that - maybe I'll just have to get the 336 AND a 12ga!

Jay G said...

I would TOTALLY be in for this, ZerCool. And I know you're in driving distance... :D

Wally said...

Total hunting neophyte here, but heck yes am I interested!

DragonLW said...

I'm not a hunting newbie, but I am SO in for this!

And, I've got a preference point that I can spend next year, in order to gain a DMP for that neck of the woods.

Count me in PLEASE!


Old NFO said...

I would, but that no pistols thing just doesn't work for me... I DO NOT go into the field without a pistol...