Dec 14, 2010

Group Hunt, Part 2

It appears that there are at least a few of you interested in making this happen.

So, you all have a homework assignment: take your hunter education class. Contact your state DEC/DNR/FWC/FGC/whatever and find out when and where.

The class will give you a certificate. NY will recognize the certificate from all other states. You will need the certificate itself to get a NY hunting license the first time; after that you can simply show your existing NY license to get a new one. (So keep the certificate in a safe place. Mine is in an envelope taped to the inside of the gun safe.)

My gut feel on dates would be the week following Thanksgiving, probably Wed/Thu through Sat/Sun. (11/30-12/3 or 12/1-4.)

And this will be the last blog post about this: anyone (Cybrus, Jay, Wally, I'm looking at you three) who is serious about doing this, please email me (zercool gmail com) and we'll start sorting this out as a group.


cybrus said...

Email inbound

Wally said...

What he said :)