Jun 13, 2011

Cabela's again

It's like a drug - I can't stay away from a Cabela's. Being able to peruse the used-gun racks at will is wonderful. The one in E. Grand Forks, MN had a nice Marlin stainless guide gun on the rack for $550 - moderately tempting. Also a beat-to-death 200,000-series Ithaca 37 for $240 - a bit overpriced for condition, IMHO.

I ended up leaving with a couple jars of seasoning rubs (Maple Jalapeno and Mountain Man Bourbon), a new hat to supplement the very faded and sweat-stained one that lives in my truck, and a BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC for the M&P9.

Nothing terribly exciting, but my wallet wasn't going to support excitement on this trip.


bluesun said...

It was a great and terrible day when the Cabela's opened in town here, last year...

Old NFO said...

Nice! :-)