Jun 23, 2011

Sweet Ruger!

Uncle posted this up earlier, so you've already all seen it.

So be it.

I have a more-than-minor case of The Wants for the Ruger 77/357.

No indication on whether it will chamber .38s; even if it doesn't a handloader could go places with this. My mouse-fart .38s would be awesome plinking rounds, and as a woods gun this could comfortably handle most anything likely to be seen east of the Mississippi. (Yes, including black bears.)

Their factory sights, unfortunately, suck. That is begging for a fiberoptic bead with a ghost ring, or a super-light holo dot.

Unfortunately, I've blown my gun fund on something else that should be along in a few weeks, so this one will have to wait.


Old NFO said...

I dunno... I think I'll stick with my Model 70.

Marty said...

I want the 77/44!

elmo iscariot said...

My mouse-fart .38s would be awesome plinking rounds...

Just make sure they'll clear the muzzle! ;)

I have my eye on a .357 levergun in the foreseeable future. There's just something about .38 caliber carbines, isn't there?