Jun 1, 2011


Ice cream machine is on the fritz; I've been working beaucoup hours and spending as much time as possible working on the barn. Roof deck is done, most of the wall sheathing is up, front and rear fascia are on. End fascia and lookouts need to be put up, then drip edge, soffits, roof felt, shingles, paint again, windows, door, trim.

Given the heat yesterday (90F, with humidity in the same vicinity) I didn't get a lot done. I tried. Even after the sun went down (we live in the shadow of a hill - we're in shade about 90-120 minutes prior to actual sunset) it was still too hot to work. I made the plumb cuts on the fascia and cut a 2x4 into small pieces for lookouts, then decided I was both tired enough and sweaty enough to be a danger to my own fingers.

Tomorrow's forecast is much better - upper 60s and sunny - and I've taken the day off from Day Job in order to see how much I can get done. Here's hoping.

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Old NFO said...

Just take your time... rushing NOW is not a good idea. You'll finish when you finish :-)