Dec 29, 2011

Creative Editing, Memory Hole

Uncle posted a link to a non-NFA 14" shotgun arrangement. I think it's neat. I also foresee some potential problems.

I commented on the linked post as such. Specifically, I mentioned the ATF and constructive intent, and the legality of possessing both the as-pictured firearm and a bone-stock Mossberg 500 at the same time. You see, that's constructive intent - your 14" barrel could fit the stock firearm, or the stock could be switched over; either way it's a short-barrel shotgun and an unregistered NFA item. Big no-no.

I pointed out that while I think it's a nifty concept and I'd love to have one, I have no interest in being the test case and spending a whole lot of money on a legal defense. My final line was, "Neat. Pass."

The original poster edited my comment before approving it, as pictured here, with my followup comment - in case that gets ignored, or finds the white-out/memory hole.

Shady, unethical, distasteful.


Edit: I got an email from the original poster with an apology and my comments on his site were deleted as I requested. He also pointed out that thanks to the court decisions regarding Thompson/Center Contenders and their change-barrel/change-stock configuration that constructive intent wouldn't apply.

Personally, I'll stand where I am: it's a neat item, but not neat enough for me to take a ride and spend money on legal fees.

Thanks to Marty at Shockwave for doing the right thing.


Ruth said...

Where in the world are they that they're posting time is so far ahead of EST??

Gotta say thats not a good way to represent the company.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, at least they aren't as bad as TTAG. But having also looked at the Shorty Mossie, I'm still trying to figure out what I could do with it that a regular pistol-gripped shotgun won't do. I don't plan on being the Door Breacher on an Entry Team, so....

But it does look cool.

ZerCool said...

Les - got me. "It looks cool" is, of course, a perfectly acceptable reason to own something, and I'd love to get my hands on a Serbu Super Shorty for just that reason.