Dec 30, 2011

I know this tune

Adaptive Curmudgeon (who you should have in your blogroll anyway) writes some real gems from time to time. I'm torn between gleeful laughter and rancid commiseration.

He had a plumbing issue. It's been detailed in four parts. Highly recommended reading.
Mystery Plumbing I
Mystery Plumbing II
Mystery Plumbing III
Mystery Plumbing IV

I commiserate because I also am the proud (?) owner of a mid-to-late-19th-century farmhouse, which occasionally does odd things and has had six-plus generations of interesting work done to it.

If you recall early this year, what started as a simple shutoff valve replacement devolved rapidly into a complete remodel of the downstairs bathroom and replumbing the kitchen drains. It's never simple, and an $8 valve becomes a $3000 bathroom-and-kitchen project in the blink of an eye.


Ruth said...

and I think of how they mangled our places plumbing, and its less than 20yrs old, and am very glad we didn't end up in an older house!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

If anyone wants a job where they know there will always be work - well, those buggy-whip makers should learn to do plumbing!

Lord knows, even if they get it perfect the first time, there's always work to do. I am not looking forward to fixing the toilet, because I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to become a bathroom remodel.

Bubblehead Les. said...

$7000 for a new driveway, because some ^%*&* back in the '70s just butted the Driveway drain into the House System, instead of buying a $5 T-Connection and hooking them together. So 30+ years of Rain and Snow just flowed back under the concrete. And as they were digging out the old concrete, they cut the power line to the Garage, which was just laid into the bed of the Concrete. So now, I have No Power to the Garage, and I have an extension cord rigged up so I can have minimal lighting. That'll be another $2000 this Spring.

Which is why I can't buy any new guns.

Try and Have a Happy New Year!

Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, it NEVER ends, nor is it ever simple...