Dec 19, 2011

On the wagon...

Uncle posted a bit about diversity in carry pieces, and I decided I'd play that game. Mostly because my first instinctive reaction was, "Jesus! Pick one and stick to it!"

Then I got to thinking... "Just how many guns do I pick from as carry pieces?"

The list got long, so I decided to take a picture. Every gun pictured has been in my carry rotation at some point in the past twelve months. What I carry is determined by wardrobe, location, activity, and so forth.


Clockwise from 12 o'clock:
S&W 642, .38+P, carry with Federal 129gr +P Hydrashok JHP
Kahr PM9, 9mm, carry with Winchester white box 147gr JHP
S&W 21-4, .44Spl, carry with handloaded 240gr LSWC (this is a field/hunting gun)
Kimber Eclipse Custom II, 10mm, carry with Federal 180gr Hydrashok JHP
Springfield GI, .45ACP, carry with Winchester white box 230gr JHP
S&W 5946, 9mm, carry with Winchester white box 147gr JHP
S&W 4053, .40S&W, carry with Winchester white box 180gr JHP

Seven guns in the carry rotation. Weights from a hair over a pound to north of three pounds. Muzzle energies from "moderate" to "massive". Only two patterns, though: double-action, and 1911.

They get carried IWB, OWB, pocket, and off-body in some cases. All with at least one reload, and all ready to shoot. (Full mag, one in the chamber, and the 1911s are cocked'n'locked.) When I shot IDPA it was a 1911, so the thumb-sweep of the safety is habit. All the rest are just point-click-bang.

And for a slightly better size comparison:

So, what's in your holster?


Wally said...

What is your rationale between having a few similar yet different guns in the mix ? Such as 1911s in 45 and 10mm, or the Smiths in 9mm and 40.

And since you asked, my carry has been almost exclusively G32 (gold dots) or Kahr P9 (WWB HP).

Farm.Dad said...

pm9 in the pocket as an " all the time " gun , and usually an xd .45 compact on belt .

ZerCool said...

Wally: Why not? :-) The .45 because a 1911 should be .45, the 10mm because I wanted one and got a good deal. The 9mm because it's a great full-size house gun, the .40 because it's a nice slim mid-size carry piece.

No problems with variety as long as you remember to swap the extra ammo when you swap carry guns.

Guffaw in AZ said...

S&W 442, electroless nickel, in a pocket holster

Anonymous said...

Glock 23 on my hip and my LCP in my pocket. There is the odd day where I only carry the LCP, but we'll just say it is not by choice. I worship my Berettas, a good wheelgun is a zen experience, and 3rd Generation Smiths have a siren song that draw me to them, but I just carry the Glock and its little Ruger buddy.

If you sell me one of your DAO Smiths, I bet Wally would feel better.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Still have the Smith 4043, and the Baby Browning Clone as Back Up (I know, I know, but hey, it's paid for, and conceals real well). But as soon as I get some of that "Obama Money", I'm leaning to the Smith's M+P with the Apex Trigger Mods in 9mm. I shot Keads in W.VA. a few weeks ago, and it's REALLY GOOD! You might want to try it for your M+P. One in Full Size, one in Compact should last me for awhile.

But if anyone wants to give me a Kahr....: )

ZerCool said...

Runt - the 3rd gens are on my "only sell in case of emergency" list. What I'd really like to do is add a 1076 and 45** to the collection to round out the calibers. There's a fellow on the S&W Forums that's doing a 10mm mod for the 40** models, but I really don't want to put that kind of stress on the alloy frame of the 4053.

Les - the Apex set is definitely on the list of parts to put in the M&P, but it's a pretty low priority right now. If (when) I get a compact M&P that will get a higher priority.