Apr 23, 2012

Camera Deal Alert

Via DealNews, Canon SX150 for $110 shipped.

12x optical zoom, stabilization, 14MP, and runs on AA batteries*. I've got the previous-generation SX130 as my all-the-time camera and have been VERY happy with it. (Many of the pictures on this blog have been taken with it, and the header image is a frame grab from HD video I took with it.)

It's not quite a pocket-size camera, but it's not a brick either. If I was in the market for a newer camera, I'd grab this in a heartbeat.

* - I'm a HUGE fan of AA batteries in smaller cameras; they can be found anywhere and with modern camera technology last almost forever. NiMH rechargeables are great, and I keep a couple of lithiums in my bag as spares just in case.

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