Apr 12, 2012

OK, well-played, S&W

The official release on the new gun is out.

S&W Shield ... single-stack in 9mm ... and .40S&W.

1" thick, 6/7+1, 19oz, MSRP $449.

Looks like it's a hair bigger (1/2" longer, 1/2" taller) than a Kahr PM40, but at half the price.

I think they just knocked it outta the park. Looks good to me. (But I hope they ditch that stupid thumb safety.)

Edit with a further thought: Since S&W is already running three shifts and can't keep up with demand, I sure hope they have a few truckloads of these ready to go!


Jay G said...

I'm guessing that they're looking at MA/CA compliance as well as keeping the Shield similar to the runaway hit of the Bodyguard 380.

In either case, I intend to be coon-fingering one tomorrow. I will get pictures...

Weer'd Beard said...

Or about the same size as the kahr CW9/CW40 for about the same price.

Granted the M&P will likely soon be available for Mass sale as well as the other states with bullshit "Safety" rosters.

Also My Kahr replaces a revolver and I shoot them the same way, ie bouncing my finger off the front of the trigger guard between shots as like a wheel gun the trigger resets near full extension.

This is how I shoot anyway, so I don't mind at all, and generally prefer the kahr products over the similar single-stack plastic guns.

That being said the people who shoot guns like Glocks where you feel the reset between shots, this will probably be considered a better gun if the trigger is as good as reported.

Also I think Ruger dropped the ball by only offering a finger extension on their larger mag, rather than a full +1 extension.

Of course with the Kahr guns you can get a 8 round mag as an extended reload which is as awesome as stuffing a 33 round Glock mag into a G26

Bubblehead Les. said...

And Apex Trigger just added a Third Shift!

Wilson said...

I’ll not be buying one but S&W played this perfectly. Announcing it and then having it in gun stores only a day later … perfect.