Apr 10, 2012

First Ruger...

... now S&W.

Shamelessly ganked from CheaperThanDirt's Facebook page:
We heard a rumor today about Smith & Wesson following Ruger's lead and suspending accepting new orders. CTD Suzanne gave them a call and was told, "We have not suspended orders for new firearms, but we have started working third shift and still can't keep up." ...just thought y'all might like to know!

Got that? Two of the biggest domestic manufacturers are unable to keep up with demand.

Good thing those gun sales aren't increasing.


Kevin said...

My last two firearms purchases were new S&W (as opposed to previously-owned) products, a Performance Center 327 revolver, and a box-stock M&P9. I'm very pleased with both of them.

ZerCool said...

Better than half the pistols in my safe have the S&W logo stamped on the side. Many acquired used, a few new, and I've been very happy with all of them.

As long as they can maintain quality, there will be more as time passes.