Jun 21, 2012

Color Shot

So, as I blurted yesterday, the lower arrived. My dealer emailed me around noon to let me know he had it; we traded a couple emails about time, and I was at his door at 2:00 to pick it up. 4473, phone call, process done in ten minutes.

I had commitments for the afternoon, so couldn't get right to the spray booth, but when I got home I snapped a few pictures:

In case there's any question about the capabilities of Wally and York Arms: don't worry. The little burbles in that flower were 100% me; things I didn't clean up and correct in the original drawing and didn't think would transfer. They do. So make sure your artwork is CLEAN.

After I finished these pictures, I gritted my teeth and took a ScotchBrite pad to the lower. Not fun, but necessary prep for DuraCoat. Degreased, and then it was off to the spray booth. First a coat of white:

And a shot of purple went on afterwards. No pictures of that because it was still hanging to dry (the buffer detent hole is a perfect spot to hang a lower from, by the by). As careful as I was to get the coat even and clean, I still found a spot I missed when I checked it this morning. I'll mix up a tiny batch of purple when I get home tonight and touch it up.

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