Jun 8, 2012

I've been everywhere, man....

Not really. But it sure seemed like it when I was travelling for work on a regular basis. I had a bulletin board in my cube where I kept stacks of my boarding passes from each trip; it was completely covered with trips. More airline miles and hotel points than I could shake a stick at.

I've done similar things to this map before, and it's getting harder to tick off new boxes - I just don't have much call to visit Arizona or New Mexico, for instance. I'm hoping to make the NRA convention in Houston next year, which will take Texas off the list. MrsZ has family in Alaska whom we owe a visit - the guys are going to go hunting and the gals are going to stay home and chatter, by their choice.

h/t OldNFO and DaddyBear

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Teke said...

Mines Here

Old NFO said...

Thanks! And yeah, you need to come South! :-)