Jun 21, 2012


My photography tends to go in fits and bursts; I've been doing more lately and mostly enjoying it. Now I'm starting to get the itch for some upgrades.

The camera is still meeting my needs for the most part - although I'd love something with a bit higher resolution. The 30D isn't a bad camera, by any means. It focuses fast, meters well, but ... it's six years old. (And about 16,000 shutter clicks in that time.) An EOS 50D would be a nice step up, but the body alone runs $600+ ... used. The 60D with an 18-135 kit lens is $1200 from Amazon. Out of the current budget, but something to shoot for.

In the meantime, new lighting is on my want-sooner list. I have a few battery-operated remote flashes that are fine for close/portrait stuff, and barely make it as fill for anything else. I'd love to get a few AlienBees (two 400s and an 800, specifically) and the wireless remote - but again, that's a significant investment and not in the budget for now. *wry grin*

Something to save my pennies for, I suppose.

(A new desktop to work on these would be nice too, since I'm dreaming.)

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Mark H. Anbinder said...

How tied are you to the Canon ecosystem? Lots of lenses, etc.? A friend is selling his Nikon D200, barely used. You might enjoy it.