Aug 12, 2013

Another notch...

... not on the bedpost or the gunbelt, but on the freedom list.

Seems Missouri isn't afraid of automatic knives, aka "switchblades".

I've ordered a Boker Mini Kalashnikov to see how it feels. And ... because I can.

(I should note that ownership of autos was legal in NY, but actually carrying them was forbidden except while actively fishing or hunting.)


Wally said...

It is things like this that earned you the nomination to be the learnin' vehicle for my move.

I'd order one up now but I can't make up my mind :)

ZerCool said...

The clear answer is obvious: One of each. And a few of the full-size for good measure. I was torn between the mini dagger and mini tanto, along with the same in the full-size. If the mini is nice, I'll think about a full-size later. :)

Old NFO said...

Boker makes GOOD knives!!! I think you'll like it!