Aug 31, 2013

Optics advice?

I'm in need of some optics - or at least thoughts on - for the HandiRifle mentioned in my last post.

Lightweight is key on this one, as is budget. I'm not putting a $600 Aimpoint H1 on a $300 rifle. (But a thousand-dollar suppressor? SURE!)

Since 300BLK is - particularly with subsonics - a short-range cartridge, I'm leaning heavily to a simple dot or holo sight. Leading contenders are:
- Primary Arms Microdot ($80)
- Lucid M7 ($200)
- Vortex SPARC ($190)
- ???

I'm vaguely tempted by the Leupold Deltapoint ($400) or even an EOTech, but that's really reaching into the same range as the Aimpoints.

Anyone have pros or cons for each of the above?


Lokidude said...

I don't know about the SPARC in particular, but I've got a StrikeFire on my AR, and love the little thing.

Jay Ater said...

Ditto on the strikefire. good bang for the buck. Evilbay has them for $169 with free shipping.

Old NFO said...

Sorry, I'm NO help... Hate batteries... :-)

Anonymous said...

I've got a SPARC on one of my AR's, the one I loan out to buddies when we go to the range, and after 1000 or so rounds down range I've only had to adjust is once. And that because a buddy dropped the gun pretty much on the sight.


ZerCool said...

NFO: Much as I'd LOVE to put an RMR on this, that falls into the "more than the gun" category by a long shot. :-D

Loki, Jay, Brass: Thanks for the insight!