Aug 29, 2013

New boomer

I did a little horse trading and brought home the rifle on the bottom today. (The top one is an M&P15-22 for scale.)

It's an AAC HandiRifle in 300BLK, with their 51T flash suppressor/suppressor mount on the barrel. I've got the 5/8-24 thread protector tucked away.

This thing is LIGHT - a hair over 5lb without a sight - and tiny. The FFL I used measured the barrel to be SURE he was OK to transfer it. Beyond that, the LOP is about an inch and a half shorter than the 15-22; overall it's about 3" shorter.

I'll be adding some kind of compact optic to this; I'm leaning strongly towards a Primary Arms MicroDot. It just seems like the "right" fit for this rifle. Stay tuned for a range report...

No can yet ... but I will procure one eventually.


Wally said...


Old NFO said...

That is a LITTLE rifle! :-) Curious to see the range report!

Brigid said...

I'd say "how cute" but that's not going to sound the way I meant. Congratulations! Looks like a whole bunch of fun right there.