Jun 20, 2011

Book Recommendation

If you're not a hunter, you probably won't appreciate this one quite as much.

I picked up a copy of "A Hunter's Fireside Book: Tales of Dogs, Ducks, Birds, & Guns" from our local Borders when they closed. It's a collection of the columns Gene Hill wrote for "Guns & Ammo" magazine over the years, and some of them are real treasures. They're all short - a page or two, perhaps a few stretch to three. Perfect for a quick read before bed at the end of a long day, or a short trip to the smallest room.

Some are funny, some are contemplative, some are a bit dusty... all are worth reading.

I haven't made it through them all (yet), but there are a few lines that have caught my attention:

"If in a single day we smell coffee, dawn, gun oil, powder, a wet dog, woodsmoke, bourbon, and the promise of a West wind for a fair tomorrow - and it's possible for us to reek 'happy' - that's just what we will do." (Smell Happy, p.15-16)

"The empty voids in space are not one whit more vast than the little corner by the stove where the puppy slept - when the puppy's sleeping somewhere else forever." (Trouble, p. 56)

Well worth your $16.

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