Jun 12, 2011

Modern technology, William.

72mph, a magic box on the dash telling my father-in-law where to go, while I relax in the back seat and read blogs, chat on IRC, and listen to on-demand music on another magic box. It's the damn future, man.


Weer'd Beard said...

Yep, I love having a smartphone and a GPS. Both have done wonders to make my marriage run more smoothly.

"You want to go into that clothing store? OK I'll be sitting here reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and playing video games."

Rather than me being bullshit about being shanghaied into a land of boring, I'm reluctant to get up when its time to go.

And no more "Well where is the next turn? Do you even KNOW where we're going???"

LOL The future is awful nice!

Old NFO said...

Very nice!