Jun 29, 2011

Lodging confirmation

I'll be at the Super 8 in Brattleboro for the blogshoot, arriving Saturday and leaving Monday. There are several hotels in the area, but $150 for two nights was the best I was finding. I was quite comfortable there last year; there's a Friendly's right down the road, as well as a Dunkin and McDonald's.


Old NFO said...

THAT is why I keep all but the carry gun and the one I'm shooting locked up... The other problem is going downrange when there are only a couple of people there. In that case, I will lock up the gun rather than leave it on the bench.

Old NFO said...

Oops, just realized I posted that comment to the wrong post... sigh... I'm also going to be there, but will be staying in Nashua since I'm flying up.