Feb 1, 2010

Bit brisk...

Driving home this morning at 7, the time-n-temp on the bank downtown said 2. This is in the "warmer valley" with a large body of water to help moderate temperature.

When I got home, I checked the thermometer. I didn't get a picture then, but here's what it looked like before work this evening:


Forgive the crappy cell-camera picture, but that shows "Today's high: 24. Today's low: 1."


One ABOVE zero. If you're a metric geek, that's -17C.

It's cold enough that my tires lost a couple pounds of pressure and the idiot light for pressure came on.

So cold that you don't even get to see your breath - it's crystallized and gone before it's in front of you.

Smoke rises from chimneys in a solid cloud and just hangs there; no drift or rise to it.

Some of the valleys on the way home had the remnants of hoarfrost on the brush and trees - but the rising sun had already kissed most of it away.

The goats were nestled together in their hut, both heads sticking out the door, frost on whiskers.

Sometimes driving home in the raw hours is a nice treat.

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