Feb 10, 2010

Snowmageddon Maybe, DADT

Our weather forecast has been changing nearly hourly for the past few days. Saturday it was a winter storm watch, with potential for heavy snowfall. Sunday the watch continued, with 7-10 inches predicted. Yesterday they lifted the watch completely and were down to 3-5 inches. This afternoon they issues a winter weather advisory, and the forecast is back to 4-7 inches. Apparently some idiot-box weatherman said, "I'll go with the model predictions, but honestly, I have no idea what's going to happen."

I left the house for work around 9:30 and there was about two inches of fresh white. Roads were slick but not bad. Three hours later, there's another inch or two, but who knows what may happen in the next six or eight hours.

And since when is six inches of snow worthy of a weather advisory? SRSLY. When I was younger, we'd watch the weather with the evening news, and the talking head would just tell us to expect 4-6 inches. Or 8-10. Or whatever. And that's just the way it was. Somewhere along the line, someone must have decided that we needed drama with our weather. And now, you've got "weather forecasting" like this:

I still just click on a NOAA weather radio if I want a simple forecast. Listen to the computer-generated voice with no inflection, get the forecast and other necessary information, click it off, and done.

I haven't been to the store to see if they're out of french toast fixin's. We've got plenty of ... everything. I still don't understand, after the examples bombarding us on a regular basis, how people can not have at least a couple days of necessities on hand at home - but that's another rant entirely.

On to DADT. Short form of my opinion: I don't care whose fun bits you're interested in, or which orifice you put your own in. As long as everyone is consenting, go forth and sin some more. I'm not going to touch the third rail of women who become pregnant while on active duty in a combat zone.

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