Feb 7, 2010

Gun Show, Pt. II

After some debating with myself, I went back to the show this morning, Bersa and cash in hand, to make the trade on the LCP. Looked the LCP over more closely. Worked the slide, looked in the barrel, and was struck ... "Is this used??"

"Yep, last guy sent it in for the recall and then decided he didn't trust it. Sold it back, I've shot it some, and now selling it."

I told him that since it was a used gun I'd have to seriously reconsider. He had it stickered at $350. For a USED LCP. A dealer in the opposite corner had a BRAND NEW LCP for $359. I talked to him about a trade, and said he'd want the Bersa with mags and holsters "plus a couple hundred". GFY, pal.

I moseyed the rows a bit longer, had a couple other dealers ask what I wanted for the Bersa, none took me up on it.

So, the Bersa will go on a few classifieds, and I'll start saving pennies in the meantime.

Other items seen at the show:
Primers, all sizes, $40/1000.
Bulk .22LR for $35-40/brick.
Beat-to-death Turk Mauser for $125.
Remington 887 shotgun - looks interesting, might have to investigate one.

And last but not least:
A Colt SAA, ostensibly 1870s production, in excellent condition, with a note on it saying "Appraised at $25,000, show special price $19,500!". Said note written on one of those oblong white adhesive-backed tags and slapped on the sideplate. HEATHENS.

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