Feb 1, 2010

Search Term Roundup

I haven't been tracking these as closely lately, but here's the search terms from the last week of visits:

history of plumbum
Plumbum is latin for lead. It doesn't have a history. It's a malleable, dense metal, silver-gray in color, and frequently used for projectiles. What more do you want?

craigslist winchester 30-30 pre 64
I've seen this go through in various forms more than once. Suggestion: search in your local city, not via google, and keep in mind that Craigslist specifically forbids firearms and related items in its terms of use. Not that this stops people from posting them - just look for posts titled "hunting items" and asking you to email for details.

"s&w 647"" performance center"
The Performance Center is S&W's in-house custom shop. They do some very slick work. The 647 PC is a .17HMR DA/SA revolver, 12" barrel, picatinny rail, sling studs, and bipod mount. It's supposed to be a hell of a varmint and bench pistol. I don't have exact numbers off-hand, but anecdotally, total production was under 500. Expect to cough up big bucks, IF you can find one.

"s&w 28" exploded view
The 28, also known as the Highway Patrolman, is a lesser-polished version of the Model 27. That is, a DA/SA revolver in .357Magnum. The internal workings are essentially identical to those of ANY 3-screw pre-lock S&W revolver, so any disassembled view should point you in the right direction. A word of caution: DA revolvers are some of the most complex firearms out there and should not be tinkered with lightly.

superstitious day
Well, the post *I* wrote was about a Friday the 13th. Other good options are All Hallow's Eve, All Saints Day, your wedding day, birthday, the Ides of March, St. Patrick's Day ... the list is long.

"smith & wesson 647"
Go read this entry. That's all I have to say about that.

broken shell wolf .223
Most Wolf-branded ammo is steel-cased. Steel is less ductile than brass, and doesn't do as well under the stresses of firing. It tends to become work-brittle very easily, and can either blow the head off the case or allow the rim to be torn off. When it happened to me, the extractor ripped the rim off the case and dropping a brass rod down the bore cleared the chamber easily. There are numerous broken-shell extraction tools out there as well. If you're planning to shoot lots of cheap ammo, it would behoove you to buy one or more of these for the range bag. Better yet - shoot better ammo. Wolf will almost certainly never occupy my ammo shelf again.

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