Aug 2, 2012

Next Project

I've got a fair bit of DuraCoat left over from doing MrsZ's rifle. My intention is to put a snow camo pattern on a single-shot 20ga I've had kicking around, but I'm trying to decide how best to do it:
- white base coat and then stencil on twigs
- grey base coat and then paint around twigs

I'll keep you posted.


Old NFO said...

ALWAYS background first... :-)

NotClauswitz said...

When I was painting scenery we always used a couple spatter-coats of thin color (semi transparent) to break up the big, single color monotony rendered by the base-coat. Usually at least two other colors to fool and get the eyeballs moving around, like a light-blue spattter to lend a "cool" tone, and then a contrasting color like pink or yellow (warm).
Snow camo with a light or gray-blue spatter would cool-down the overall "whiteness" and breaak-up the outline. Twigs in a dark blue-black or green-black with a gray-blue shadow line under the hard color... I dunno just thinking aloud...

ZerCool said...

NFO: Yup. White coat went on yesterday.

NotClaustwitz: unfortunately, spatter paint with DuraCoat is ... not really practical. But I get what you're saying and will see what I can do.

DirtCrashr said...

It's just an idea for breaking up the basecoat somehow. Good luck!!