Aug 22, 2012

Shiny receivers

Got an email from Wally at York Arms this morning. Seems he just cut a new batch of lowers and had some pictures taken.

My, those are purty. :-)

I've been playing this a bit close to the chest because York really is Wally's baby, and wanted his OK before I said anything... but I am Wally's "man behind the curtain" on the custom engraving. (A few of the folks in #GBC knew about it, and some of you at blogshoot...)

Many of the pictures on that page (EGA, US Eagle, the various animal tracks (including DaddyBear), and the Gadsden Rattler) came out of my fingers. It's been a learning curve, undeniably, but we've ironed out a lot of kinks and I'm having a blast with it.

So, you'll see a new link in the sidebar for York Arms. If you need a custom receiver - serials, selector markings, or magwell engraving - please talk to Wally about it. If you've got art that needs conversion, talk to Wally. We'll make something happen*. (Keep in mind that fine detail tends to be lost; the engravable space on an AR magwell is about 1.3" square and the cutter has a line width of .030". I'll finagle things as close as I can, but the best comparison I can give you is drawing on a 10-inch square with the blunt end of a crayon. Some things just don't translate well.)

I will note that I've also been cranking out some stock images for Wally to work with; among them are:
- Gadsden Flag
- Gonzalez Flag
- Ft Moultrie Flag
- US Flag
- Philmont Scout Ranch Arrowhead
- Rosie the Riveter
- Molon Labe (as inscribed on the Leonidas Monument, with or without a Spartan helmet in the background)
- Uncle Sam "I Want You"

And this one that I dredged from my own brain:

(Also available in 3-0-8 and 7-6-2 pending the arrival of AR-10s!)

* For an example of "make something happen", here's what Rosie looks like:



Anonymous said...

Some great work! I love the Stop/Play/FF and smileys safety switches. :-)

Old NFO said...

I'd like to get one with the Spartan Shield, helmet and Molon Labe. what would that run?

ZerCool said...

MHA - I wish I could claim those, but alas I cannot. :-)

NFO - You've got mail.