Aug 31, 2012

Range report

Last night's intended trip got cancelled due to an issue Shootin' Dame had come up. I went today instead, and as intended, played for accuracy at 100yd.

I took the MkII, 93R17, and the DF AR.

Step one: check zero. Ouch.

I had swapped ammo in the MkII, from Federal bulk to Eley Sport SV - so I expected a zero shift there. And that rifle is zeroed for 25yd. A couple clicks of windage and a lot of clicks of elevation (about 7MOA) brought it to where it needed to be.

The .17 was shooting about 3MOA high and a minute or two left, so I clicked that around to what seemed right.

The AR was about 6MOA high, which wasn't shocking as it has a 25-300 battlesight zero with the EoTech. Unkindly, they do not put the per-click adjustment on the sight, so I had to think hard. It's 1/2MOA per click.

I replaced my big sight-in targets with this (print on 8.5x11) and got off the bench to vertical support. The wind was playing games with me, starting at full-value 9:00 and then clocking around to 11 midway through the string and back again. When I walked down to pull targets I found out just how bad it was - midway down the range (30-75yd or so) the wind was hard and gusty from the left. Around 75yd it changed with the terrain and was coming straight down the range.

These are the targets I knocked out:
Savage 93R17-GV, .17HMR, with a Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 on top, firing Hornady 17gr VMax. You can see what the wind did to those little tiny pills. Three shots weren't even on paper.

The Delicate Flower AR. Stag 3H upper on a York lower. Unmagnified EOTech 512, shooting 55gr Tula FMJ. I still lost one shot completely - and knew it when the shot broke.

The Savage MkII-BTVS. Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40, loaded with Eley Sport standard-velocity LRN. I hadn't ever shot this for groups, and I'm thinking I need to. It's pretty bad on the target above, but I suspect a lot of that is the wind wreaking havoc on slow-moving 40gr bullets, combined with my own lack of followthrough on the shots. It also smells weird, but that's irrelevant.

Go figure: my best target was the bull-barreled .22 with the best glass. ;-)

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