Aug 1, 2012

The "want" list...

Interesting to see how my taste in guns has evolved over time. Initially it was purely function and price, but now it's become a question of not only aesthetics, but niche roles, and desires.

The very first gun I got was a Remington 597 - their answer to the 10/22. It was cheap and I tortured a whole lot of tin cans with it.

I started hunting and bought a Remington 870, because it could do essentially everything I needed - and was relatively inexpensive.

Now I've got bolts and semis, pumps and autos, round-guns and bottom-feeders... My definition of "affordable" has moved up quite a bit but I still make the buffalo squeal.

And the corollary to that is this: what I want in a gun - in fact, what I will spend my money on - has become far more particular. I've filled most of the "function" holes in the safe. I just put a good optic on MrsZ's rifle - even used, twice as much as I've ever spent on glass.

There's not a whole lot left that I feel a burning urge to get. I'd like a bolt-action .223, and a bolt-action .308. Another auto shotgun (the Remington VersaMax has my attention). And something ... bigger. A .338LapMag or similar. Why? Because FUCK YOU, that's why.

There aren't any handguns screaming my name, although the Ithaca 1911 remains the grail. I've got a vague desire for an SP101 snub in .327FM, but ... vague.

Edit to add: While I was banging this out, Oleg went and put up some amazing photos (duh) of a Barrett 98B... MSRP? $6300.

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Old NFO said...

Try to shoot one of those SP101s in .327 BEFORE you buy it! I shot one and it chewed up my knuckle!!!