Jun 29, 2014

Aborted range trip

GfZ and I headed to the range today with targets in hand for the monthly ePostal match that Brigid and Partner are running.

We got our booth, got set up, and I started shooting my MkII to check (and change) zero. I normally keep it zeroed for 25 or 100 yards, and couldn't remember where I'd last had it set. Since the match was to be at 10 yards, I used the closest my range has - 15yd. A few shots for a group, then some sight adjusting...

Just as I was getting happy with the zero another group of shooters showed up at the next booth... and that's when things went downhill in a hurry.

Junior was carrying his own rifle and not watching the muzzle, but he got it in the rack pretty promptly.

Grandpa hadn't paid attention to the range safety video on the way in and uncased his pistols on the back bench, instead of in the booth. He got scolded by (and proceeded to argue with) the RSO as he muzzled the entire line of booths. Shoulda thrown his ass out...

Dad wasn't really paying attention to much of anything.

Grandma had a clearly-diagnosed cased of the, "I-don't-wanna-be-heres" and was snapping at all of 'em.

This wasn't shaping up well at all.

Then the bored girlfriend behind the booth on the other side started playing games on her phone - with the sound up high enough to be heard through her plugs/muffs.

Back on the other side, Grandpa was now browbeating Grandma that she needed to shoot, why else did she come?

Junior stepped up for his turn, and muzzled Grandpa and then Dad getting his rifle out of the rack and on to the bench... and I decided it was past time to go. We gathered up our stuff, pulled our target stand at the next cease-fire, and skedaddled. Best guess, we shot maybe 100 rounds of .22 between us.

On the way home, we stopped at BassPro and I picked up a set of scope rings, a laser boresight, and huzzah two more boxes of .22 at normal prices.

So, Brigid, you may assume that our scores were absolutely perfect in the "rimfire, optics" category. :-)

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LOL, nice :-)