Jun 26, 2014

Ammo alert

I've got a .308 rifle on the way to me, and in an odd alignment of fate, got email from SGAmmo.com with some clearance deals... including on Remington Premier Match 168gr SMKs... for $180/case of 200, or $19/box of 20.

The only places I've seen that ammo still listed it's (A) out of stock and/or (B) $31/box ... or more.

If you shoot .308, this is a SMOKING deal.

Yes, I shook the couch cushions out and ordered mine. SGAmmo is good to go. (They have some good clearance prices on 12ga buckshot as well - Hornady TAP for $150/case, Winchester military for $170, or Federal Estate for $110/case.)

Just a heads up.


Old NFO said...


Glenn B said...

I might have ordered some had I not just ordered 500 rounds of 45ACP from AIM Surplus. Thanks anyway, nice to see shooters looking out for one another.