Jun 21, 2014

Goodness me, it's powder!

Powder for the "standard" rifle calibers has been nearly impossible to find lately. I happened across a thread on one of the forums that Grafs had IMR 4895 in stock. I checked, and they showed "less than 5 available".

I've got *mumble* 5.56 rifles already, and a .308 on the way. 4895 is a classic, reliable powder for both of those. I gritted my teeth and grabbed the plastic. Eight pounds of 4895 is on the way. It's enough for several hundred rounds of both 5.56 and .308... figuring 45gr for .308 and 23gr for 5.56, I should be able to load about 800 rounds of each.

I've checked the usual suspects for other components, and it looks like things are pretty readily available. Prices are up from what I remember, but not horribly.

No rush on things, though - it'll be a week or so before the rifle is here, and another couple paychecks to set aside the money for an optic. I'm leaning strongly to a Bushnell 10x mil/mil setup - the .308 just screams for it. I'd love to be able to afford a Zeiss or Swarovski or Nightforce, but ... well, no. Not happening. Not on my paycheck. :-)

After that ... a few boxes of factory ammo at different weights to see if the rifle has a favorite, then pick up dies and start stacking components in.

It's about time I had a big-boy short-action caliber. (I have a .270Win which is a great caliber but...)

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