Sep 18, 2014

Ammo notes

I could show you a couple pictures of targets but... why?

Short form: I'm suitably impressed by the ZQI 5.56, especially at its price point. It shot tighter and more consistently than the M193 I also tried.

Zero malfunctions, although it was a limited test (one box of 30 in three sets of ten).

Handily kept to sub-5MOA with iron sights (blame shooter, not ammo) and 2MOA with a 3x scope.

I'll be buying more every time I'm at Walmart.


Old NFO said...

That's good news!

Geodkyt said...

I do wonder how it's terminal ballistics look. Most "M193" and "M855" that isn't actually US production out at Lake City uses different bullets, and the effects terminally are quite different at closer ranges (as in, "do NOT fall apart all verkelempt at impact velocities of 2700+fps like real US M193 and M855 do).

The difference is in the bullet jackets, ostly. (Remember, SS109 IS NOT M855 -- all M855 is SS109 compliant, but the SS109 STANAG has a lot of wiggle room in it. Same thing for most foreign production of 55gr loads marketed as "M193" -- AFAIK, the Israeli stuff is truly to US spec, but I'm not aware of anyone else who matches it.)