Sep 14, 2014

Hunting beg

It's not often I'll beg to hunt... But now?

I walked out of work at 7 yesterday morning to crystal clear skies and the sun just starting to peek over the horizon, with my breath clouding in absolutely still 38-degree air. The leaves are still a little green but you couldn't ask for better hunting weather.

And then I read Brigid's latest hunting post.

I'm begging.

If anyone in the midwest - within a reasonable day's drive of Kansas City - has and is willing to share some private hunting land ... I'd be eternally grateful. Just a day worth of hunting is all I need. If timing was right, an evening, a day, and a morning. But I need to hunt. I'll bring good coffee. Or good beer. Or whatever bribes are needed.

Yes, there are public conservation areas around here.

The greater KC Metro area has 2 million residents. Public hunting grounds sound like Mogadishu on opening day. Not my cuppa.

Thanks in advance.

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