Sep 21, 2014

MO CCW class

Missouri requires anyone applying for a CCW go through an 8-hour basic class, including a live-fire portion. Annoying, but it ensures anyone applying at least has a baseline knowledge and proof of ... well, competency is a strong word.

The "qualification" is 20 rounds at a B27 target, at seven yards.

Passing? 16 have to be in the black.

Not center mass, not inside the 7-ring, just IN BLACK INK.

(I just did the math ... that's maintaining around 330MOA of accuracy.)

The rest of the class was an absolute train wreck, and I'll tap that out when I'm a bit less pissed about it. If you know me on the facebook, you already got some of the highlights.

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Farm.Dad said...

Can't wait .. or ill catch you in chat lol .