Jan 3, 2011

2010 Gun Roundup

I had to check my lists to see what had changed in my safe this past year. It's signifcantly more than I'd realized! A bit of horsetrading here and there (a rifle for a pistol, a pistol for a pistol, selling one to buy another, etc), but still ... I wonder. If I turned out the light in the safe at night, would it start rocking, and would I find an NAA Mini in the morning? :-)

I got rid of three handguns, one rifle, and a shotgun.

I acquired seven handguns, two rifles, and four shotguns.

(Note: NY has no "one gun a month" laws. Good thing; I'd have been unable to purchase all these. Laws only inhibit the law-abiding.)

Net change: +8 to firepower.

Overall, that's a big win!

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