Jan 19, 2011

NRA 2011

Hotel is reserved.

I'll be at the Embassy Inn - Airport. They still had rooms available for about $112/night when I checked after reserving mine.

Complimentary breakfast and manager's reception each evening, king suites. Looks decent. It's a bit out of the city center, but if there are multiple bloggers staying there, carpooling in is a real possibility.

h/t Newbius for the lead.


cybrus said...

Awesome! Looking forward to meeting a bunch of you ingrates.

Anonymous said...

I've mostly been quite happy with Embassy Suites. The complimentary breakfasts are real food, prepared to order, not just cold buffets. The manager's receptions are less impressive, and sometimes don't occur on weekends, but you can have as many glasses of so-so wine as you like if you don't appear to be falling down.

Rooms right off the atrium (a frequent ES feature, including at this hotel) tend to be noisy. If you like quiet rooms, ask for a room as far from the atrium as possible on check-in.

Their site says they have a complimentary shuttle within five miles; downtown is farther away, but if there's a group, they may be willing to stretch that. Certainly can't hurt to ask.

Jay G said...

Uh huh.

Not the Radisson, where your ol' buddy Jay will be staying.

I see how you are...

ZerCool said...

Jay, ol' buddy, last I knew you were staying at a monastic order and the rooms didn't appeal to me in the least.

And the Embassy is all suites. With food. And free booze.

We'll have a room party though, and you can come, ok?

Newbius said...

I am planning on bringing a case of Guinness and some Yuengling. Party in my room?