Jan 9, 2011

I have found a line

During conversation in the #GBC channel the other day, Robb was explaining how things are going to run when he is Supreme Grand Exalted Pantsless Poobah of Everything He Surveys.

Among his planks: disenfranchisement of government employees - at any level of government - as they have a vested interest in the continuation of their employment and would obviously vote to continue that employment. (Conflict of interest, in other words.)

I admit, I was not able to put together a rational response, as I was too busy sputtering.

But I will say this: Robb, you have just clearly demarcated one of my lines in the sand. It's provided some interesting thoughts since.

1 comment:

doubletrouble said...

I'd vote for him, but can you vote for a S.G.E.P.P. of E.H.S.?

Or are they/he just, you know, pre-existing?

WV: "pinstr"- that's what Robb needs, a pinstripe!